venerdì, maggio 26, 2006


Oggi giornata piena ma certe cose van riportate subito: i Brutal Truth potrebbero tornare insieme. Per adesso un concerto solo. Poi ci guardiamo.
Danny Lilker dice:

"You've heard about how catastrophic Hurricane Katrina was. Well, I'm gonna tell you how this led to BRUTAL TRUTH becoming active again.
A couple of members of the classic New Orleans sludgecore band EYEHATEGOD lost everything they owned as well as their homes in the hurricane. The band has reached out to the scene and asked if there was any way that some bands could cover EHG songs for a benefit album to help these guys get back on their feet again. They also made a special request to see if there was any way in hell that BRUTAL TRUTH, who've been disbanded since 1998, could somehow reunite to contribute a song, since that would certainly provoke some extra interest in the album.
So, for a damn good reason, BRUTAL TRUTH has recorded a version of the EHG song 'Sister Fucker'. The original song appears on the 'Take As Needed For Pain' album and is split into two parts, which we recorded as one long song. It was just a matter of Gurn [guitarist Brent McCarthy] and Rich [Hoak, drums] coming up here to Rochester where our friends in SULACO graciously consented to letting us borrow their jam room for the purpose of learning, rehearsing and recording the song. A friend of Rich's came up with him and recorded it, it was then sent to Kevin [Sharp, vocals] out in Chicago where he tracked his vocals and mixed it, and it will soon appear on the album that will be released on Emetic Records. And in case you're wondering, yes, it's faster than the original!
Now, I suppose by now some of you might be saying, 'Well? Is that it? You guys planning any shows?' Well, since we all live in different cities now, and we went to the trouble to get together to learn a fairly easy song, we kinda shrugged and said 'Let's see if we can play any of our shit!' Weed was smoked. And it appears that we still have that chemistry that made us what we were, so although there are no confirmed shows at the moment, I will say that it is certainly in the realm of possibility that there will be at least one live show, and what happens then remains to be seen."


Blogger Cosucce Psicotrope ha detto la seguente minchiata:

Finalmente una bella notizia!

Anonymous Anonimo ha detto la seguente minchiata:

......manco si riformassero gli Screaming Trees .

Blogger colas ha detto la seguente minchiata:

un mio amico ascoltando quel disco dei brutal truth ongi volta riusciva a sentirci qualcosa di assurdo, dalle Danze Ungheresi al demonio che ti fa la lista della spesa mentre tinteggia le pareti del box auto

Blogger TS ha detto la seguente minchiata:

posso avere la mail del tuo amico? mi interessa parlarci.
Ma soprattutto: CHE GENTE FREQUENTI????

Anonymous Anonimo ha detto la seguente minchiata:

l'unica iopotesi metal realmente interessante...

perche' corrotta giustamente con il punk

sai com'e'

Anonymous Anonimo ha detto la seguente minchiata:

LSD , RAGAZZI ! con l'acido giusto vedi i soulfly e sembrano i pink floyd

Blogger TS ha detto la seguente minchiata:

PREMA... secondo me se ci pigliamo tutti dell'LSD e andiamo a vedere i Soulfly (a parte l'idea in sè che è criminale) vediamo tutto tranne i pink floyd... e comunque porta rispetto ai Brutal Truth altrimenti glielo dico e ti menano. In quel caso potresti provare a corromperli con dell'erba. Vedi che funziona...

Blogger solomacello ha detto la seguente minchiata:

anonimo, ci sono un po' di cose che non vanno nella tua frase, ovvero 'unica', 'realmente', 'perchè', 'corrotta', 'giustamente'
insomma, se scrivevi solo 'metal, sai com'è' era meglio (puoi sempre andare a vedere i soulfly carico di lsd)


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